Growing Pains

Growing Pains

Hello coffee drinkers,

We've been hard at work on Notion Coffee and mainly focusing on solidifying a solid espresso blend and finally nailing down branding and logo.

It's been a long journey trying to get the perfect logo that truly represents our brand, and we've really put our graphic designer through the ringer (sorry Matthew). But they have been so gracious and we're so excited to share what our branding will be! This has been a really important aspect for us as we feel that, since we don't really have a store front, people's first experience of our coffee will be the face of the bag, therefore we want it to truly represent all that we wish to convey about our brand and our coffee.

Jonathan has done a stellar job working with our coffees to develop an espresso blend that stands alone really well and pairs with milk well. It can be difficult to find a coffee/blend to meet those standards. We've found that an equal part Guatemala and Rwanda pre-blended and roasted to a drop temp of 408 F is a solid win for what we're looking for. 

We're really excited to be cupping more coffees and bringing more to the store, so stay tuned. If you have questions or want to simply chat to us give us a shout!

- Joel


p.s. the picture is just Jonathan and I putting an instagram photo together