Lets Make Room

Lets Make Room

So its been a minute - holidays and all that... So Jonathan and I built a green coffee shelf to hold all of the coffee that we will be roasting. We had reached the point to where we literally had no where to put our green coffee yet we needed to buy more.

So all that to say We had to clean out a bunch of junk to make room for the shelf which took up half of my office... so i've effectively been kicked out. It's fine no hard feelings, right? We've continued to get amazing feedback from you guys about our coffee and that has just been the icing on the cake through this journey! 

Moving forward we're bringing a Brazil into the mix for our espresso to pair with the Guatemala. Let me back up though. There are pretty much 3 main things we're looking for in our espresso blend:

  1. An espresso that pairs ReAlLy well with milk
  2. An espresso that is amazing on its own (and not overpowering or too intense)
  3. An espresso that is relatively easy to dial in. Making it hard to pull a bad shot.

This is a pretty tall order for espresso and here's why: to get a good espresso you've got to have something that isn't so light that it will disappear in a large latte (like a single origin normally will), but not so dark that it is unbearably intense as just a shot (like a typical northern Italian blend will).

Now there are many different ways to do espresso, and none of them are wrong - just as there is no wrong way to drink coffee - yet, our coffee that we roast is a reflection of our pallet(s), and what we find delicious. 

I can't find a way to end it so I'm just going to end it here. See y'all on the flip side!