Espresso for Days

Espresso for Days

It's been nearly 2 months that we've been roasting and we've had phenomenal feedback from everyone who has had a try! We're super grateful to all y'all.

It's really funny to me that we're growing so quickly and yet as of this post we still don't even have a logo or really any branding! Not that branding is everything - but please know we are working on that pretty heavily and are super excited to release it to the world once it is finished.

Jonathan has been working super hard on an espresso blend that we will be pushing really soon! You can expect a classic american espresso that can work really well as a shot as well as in a 6oz Cap. We've sampled a lot of espresso and I think I've had the shakes for 3 days ... okay not really. 

One last little thing to share, like I said we've not been doing this very long but just yesterday I got an email from a local company that was inquiring about wholesale. Of course I'm totally floored for this opportunity and prospect - main reason being we love coffee and we just want to share that experience with as many as we can come in contact with! Thanks to all who actually read this - especially in this day and age.