Origins _ September 11th, 2014

Origins _ September 11th, 2014

This is our story.

Four years ago [at the time of this post] my family and I gathered some investors together to buy a dwindling coffee shop in the small town of Grandview just south of Kansas City limits. I (Joel) have no business experience or really any qualifications at all to try and run this coffee shop, yet here I was managing it - trying to make an impact on the community, provide a living for the small devoted team that worked for me, and pushing the bounds of all I knew about coffee.

My brother Jonathan could not be excluded from the story - he introduced me to coffee and has a real passion for providing amazing coffees to all who have a willing pallet. 

From day one we knew that we would eventually roast, but we didn't realize that it wouldn't be until nearly 4 years later that we would roast our first batch. Yet here we are. It's always been our passion to provide the best quality of coffee as possible to all who walk into our doors we've just finally taken another step towards that. Our roasting philosophy is to roast coffees the way we believe it was intended to be served - not masking any flavors, but highlighting them as they should be.

Thank you for giving us the time of day we hope to see you in our sister store or hear from you online!