Paradox Cold Brew Blend

  • $19.00

Tasting Notes:

Chocolate, Strawberries and Cream, Nougat


Countries: Brazil, Ethiopia

Process: Natural

Region: Conceicao Das Pedras, Guji

Varieties: Yellow Catuai, Heirloom

Elevation: 1100-2000 MASL


One of our favorite kinds of coffee to use for cold brew has always been natural Ethiopias. We feel that the muted acidity and highlighted sweetness that result from the cold brew process work really well with the floral and fruity flavors often found in natural Ethiopias.

Paradox is a result of the desire to capture that in a consistent blend with some added richness so that it stands as well on its own as it does with milk. The fruity flavors from the Ethiopia and the chocolatey flavors from the Brazil work together to make a beautiful and dynamic blend - hence "Paradox." Like all of our blends, it's just coffee. You can use any way you want! But we think this blend shines best as cold brew. Expect notes of chocolate, strawberries & cream, and nougat.

Because of the varying availability of coffee crops, the coffees that make up Paradox will periodically change, whilst maintaining (or improving) the same flavor profile. Currently Paradox is a two-part blend of a natural Brazil and a natural Ethiopia.