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Inspired by the individual regional components that makeup one fantastic coffee, Component is the result of meticulous experimentation in search of a blend of coffees that is exceptionally versatile. A radically light roasted option for espresso, Component is sweet, creamy, balanced and bright but not overly acidic. 


Anatomy was created out of desire to make a blend specifically for espresso. It maintains the syrupy body you expect in a good shot, but still brings out all the sweetness and flavors that we look for at Notion. Extremely well balanced and not over-roasted, it's the work-horse espresso you've been looking for that tastes just as good in milk as it does on its own.


A modern take on a Northern Italian style espresso blend - Retro is our only coffee that gets up to a medium roast. Retro was developed with the goal of creating a dynamic and crowd-pleasing espresso. Expect a rich, full-bodied, and syrupy espresso with lots of crema and notes of dark chocolate, walnuts and citrus.