Colombia | Las Alegrias Blackberry

  • $28.00

Tasting Notes:

Fresh Blackberries, Raspberry Jam, Apple Juice


Country: Colombia

Region: Quindio

Farm: Finca Alegrias

Farmer: Juan David Puerta

Varieties: Castillo

Elevation: 1420 MASL

Process: Natural


We are so excited to offer a coffee unlike anything we've ever had. Introducing Colombia Las Alegrias Osmotic Dehydration Blackberry. This coffee has undergone an experimental process called Osmotic Dehydration, which is a process where the moisture of the coffee is removed by soaking it in a highly concentrated aqueous solution of sugar and salt. This results in lower water activity coffee that shows some surprising organoleptic characteristics. For this particular microlot, Juan David made his signature mosto with blackberries, adding an intense blackberry flavor to an already fruit-forward coffee. Rounding out this coffee, expect notes of raspberry jam and apple juice. Las Alegrias Blackberry is a must try that you don't want to miss, and we only have a small amount, so get it while you can!