About Us


Notion was created by two brothers with a passion for good coffee and a hunger to learn more. We started working in coffee in 2013, and discovered that coffee was far more than the blackened powder people put in their coffee makers. Our journey quickly evolved into a desire to start roasting our own coffee, and in 2018 we made it a reality. We bought a 2kg Mill City coffee roaster from a friend of a friend (big shoutout to Bridge City Coffee in SC, check them out!) and bought a single bag of a really nice natural Ethiopia.



 We knew we liked lightly roasted coffee, but we quickly learned that the coffee we were producing was much lighter than anything we'd ever had at the time and much lighter than anyone around us. We loved it! And luckily so did other people! We learned that the primary key (as far as we were concerned) to producing excellent coffee was sourcing really really beautiful coffee, and not burning it. We have come a long way since then, and learned that there's quite a bit more nuance to roasting and sourcing. But those two things remain at the core of who we are as a roasting company.



Our slogan is "Actually Good Coffee." And we love the attention grabbing nature of this seemingly arrogant statement. However, it was actually made in reference to our surprised reaction to our first few roasts when we accidentally stumbled upon something wonderful. We now know that our style of roasting could be described as a Nordic style roast. But at the time if we hadn't had an open mind to something new, then Notion wouldn't be what it is today.

At Notion we are committed to learning, and admitting that we don't have all the answers, so that we're not too stubborn to grow when we're proved wrong. We wholeheartedly believe that the advancement of the coffee industry will not be achieved without an open mind. It's this belief that gets us excited about coffees that "don't taste like coffee." We LOVE to be surprised and discover coffees and methods that defy all previous experience. We are actively embracing the idea that 'taste is king.'