Guatemala | Antigua

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of a very special coffee that we are super excited about! Introducing Guatemala Antigua. This is an incredibly complex and elegant coffee boasting a full body and a beautiful medley of floral and fruit-like flavors. We've offered natural anaerobic processed coffees before but this is our first washed anaerobic and the results are incredible. Producer Estuardo Falla Castillo first places the whole cherries in anaerobic tanks, before de-pulping the cherries and placing them back into tanks for a second time and finally dries them without a final wash. 

We think this coffee tastes like fruit loops cereal, sweet watermelon and peaches. It's the ultimate summer indulgence and you need it in your life.


 Country: Guatemala

Region: Antigua

Farm: San Sebastian

Producer: Estuardo Falla Castillo

Varieties: Bourbon

Elevation: 1600 MASL

Process: Washed Anaerobic

  • $35.00