Colombia | La Estrella Gesha

  • $30.00

Tasting Notes:

Lavender, Tart Cherry, Peach Tea


Country: Colombia

Region: Quindio

Farm: La Estrella

Producer: Jairo and Cesar Lopez

Varieties: Gesha

Elevation: 1700-1750 MASL

Process: Natural Carbonic Maceration (64hrs)


We are so excited to bring back the La Estrella Gesha! This is actually the same lot as our previous release, but we decided to do a little experiment on it. We had heard of people freezing un-roasted coffee to preserve it and we wanted to try it out to see if it worked. So we vacuum sealed it to keep out all air and moisture and then froze it for 9 months. When we finally re-opened it, we were blown away with the results. Not only was it perfectly preserved, but it had developed in it's flavor. 

Gesha is a world famous coffee varietal, popular for it's sweet and floral characteristics. Not all Geshas live up to the hype, but La Estrella is an excellent example of the sweet and intensely floral qualities found in the most exquisite Gesha coffees. Expect a floral quality like lavender with a fruitiness like tart cherries and the fragrant sweetness of peach tea.