Colombia | DECAF

  • $20.00

Tasting Notes:

Blood Orange, Medjool Dates, Cream 

Country: Colombia

Region: Quimbaya, Quindio

Farm: Finca Cristalina

Producer: Guillermo Grajales

Varieties: Castillo

Elevation: 1450 - 1500 MASL

Process: Full Natural

Decaf Process: Sugar Cane


This is a first here at Notion coffee. Some of you may remember last year when we had the Colombia Cristalina Natural. It was a deliciously fruity, yet balanced and an excellent example of a high-end coffee. We are now thrilled to offer you that same coffee as decaf! We can't recommend this coffee enough. We think it's the best decaf we've ever had.

Expect a bright and juicy acidity with a very present fruity flavor that tastes like blood oranges as well as a smoother element that's reminiscent of medjool dates. This coffee has a medium body with a silky, almost buttery texture. Enjoy this one at any time of day or night!