Story Telling

Story Telling

"If you don’t have a story you are just another commodity. A replaceable cog in the consumption machine. You have no way to differentiate your brand or your business".


I originally set out to make this blog to be a sort of product update or news about our new coffees and stuff, but I'm realizing that is 1. really boring to write about (and boring to read), and 2. has zero lasting impact or value. I'm realizing that what I want to create has more to do with telling a story than telling people what new coffee we have on the pour-over bar.

I found this quote from an article I was reading about brand story. I have always found that I will be much more loyal to a brand that I believe in and can get behind than one that has no story or face to the brand. Don't get me wrong quality is very important, but don't you find it true that when you find a quality product you want to get to know the story behind that product? Almost like you desperately want them to be someone personable, and to know why they're doing what they're doing.

Obviously I have a desire for our brand to connect with you in such a way that you accidentally become an ambassador for our brand because you believe in us as much as we do. Now if you've been tracking with us for a bit you know probably a little about our story but I want to share more. I want to connect more with you guys - our audience and I'm working hard to move in that direction.

I want to say that while we believe in coffee and we believe in our particular brand if we can't connect with people we will just be a cog in the system and to me that's not enough. I hope this hits home with some of you that what we find important on this earth is human connection - I am in the belief that it is impossible for us to thrive without it.

Hope you guys found this thought provoking. Let me know what you think!